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Wrapping up 2009
Just updated at

The last post of 2009.

To sum it up,

The highs and lows will fluctuate but my gratefulness to those around me wouldn't..

All you peeps are the reason why I am still sane after sucha crazy year! You know who you are!

Enjoy this entry filled with colour, laughter and most of all, great food to celebrate the year end holidays!

Warning, picture heavy!

Much love,
Bryan W

The essence of G-STAR
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Just entered a competition for cult denim line G-STAR which, by a long shot, might win me a chance to cover the A/W 2010 G-STAR runway show in New York.

Details are at my blog on the link above.

Help me by voting ya?

Thanks to all who have already voted


Take it all away
Just updated with 'The Stuff of Nightmares:

Have you always had perpetual nightmares which makes the lines of real and illusions blurred?

What if these go on for not days but months?

Well, trips to the botanic gardens and a night out clubbing helps.

Note: I have not even clubbed in December so don't judge me!

Xmas is coming! Even the weather feels like Christmas!

Are you enjoying your hols?
Updated: Breathing Finally

With school out of the way momentarily, what does one do?

Haha, well, for me it seems the past week of holidays have been filled with food.

Wendy's Xmas gathering to SweeChoon dim sum supper! See the pictures and you will understand. lol

Lets see what the next week holds for me?

I forsee Sentosa and Botanic Gardens! Lets hope they materialize!

Enjoy the pictures!


Birthdays as the year draws to a close
Updated with a new entry: Of freedom and birthdays
: http://bryanwong1987.blogdrive.com

Birthdays, the year is coming to an end. Man, where did all the time go? This is scary, is it going to be even faster as each year goes by?

And imagine, how funny it can be when i declare tht im anti-party and the next thing you know, Im at the Juice Anniversary party at zouk. haha

Now time to find some quality time at the beach or the botanic gardens relaxing and recharing for the new semester ahead!

Laters peeps!

Party boy inspired
Bryan has just updated on

Bryan the party boy?

Here are my real thoughts towards it all.

And a much needed rant on a real life party boy *Yikes!*

Much love

Blog address
So I can read all those long lost locked entries. after 4 yrs, I have relented.


I will post that I have updated my blog here as well. This is to help all the lazy people! *coughs coughs... like matt...*